PickPoint Project Update!

BBAHC is excited to provide an update on the PickPoint Project, a patient-centered improvement to our village clinic locations!  The addition of PickPoint machines to BBAHC clinics will offer:


    • The same Standard of Care as the Pharmacy in Dillingham
    • Enhanced Productivity and Streamlined Workflow: Introduces a user-friendly remote dispensing system that boosts productivity and requires minimal staff training.
    • Inventory Management: Improves oversight of inventory, stock replenishment, and accountability.
    • Expedited Service: Accelerates pharmacy service delivery to patients at the Point-of-Care location.  Refill prescriptions will continue to be sent from the Pharmacy.
    • Customization Options: Provides flexibility to tailor inventory based on specific location needs.
    • Increased Accuracy: Automation reduces the likelihood of medication errors compared to manual dispensing methods, improving patient safety and outcomes.
    • Remote Access and Monitoring: Some systems allow for remote monitoring and management, enabling pharmacy staff to oversee operations and address issues from a central location.


The PickPoint machines operate through the intelePharmacy Remote Dispensing System (RDS), which offers:


    • Checks and balances for ensuring the correct medication is dispensed to the correct patient.
    • Continuation of compliance with Joint Commission Standards and HIPAA requirements.
    • The ability to safely store, manage, and track prescriptions at Point-of-Care locations in our villages.


BBAHC Village Clinics scheduled to receive PickPoint machines:


Togiak – Installed

Manokotak – Installed

New Stuyahok – Installed

Aleknagik - Installed

Koliganek - Delivered

Goodnews Bay – Estimated delivery date of 2/29

Ekwok - Estimated delivery date of 3/12

Naknek - Estimated delivery date of 3/26

Pilot Point - Estimated delivery date of 4/9

Levelock - Estimated delivery date of 4/23

Chignik Bay - Estimated delivery date of 5/7

Port Heiden - Estimated delivery date of 5/21

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