Quyana Program

Quyana to Kenneth Parker, Remote Maintenance Worker, Environmental Health Department

“Access to clean safe drinking water and sanitary treatment of wastewater are two of the most basic needs for the health and security of any community. This past winter, severe weather events caused several instances of lost water service or wastewater service to three different villages. Over the past six months, Kenny has personally visited three different villages a total of seven different times to stabilize or restore critical water and sewer services to communities in crisis. Kenny has spent countless hours this winter, most of them in severe weather conditions, helping villages find and repair leaks, pull faulty well pumps, replace valves, unplug sewer manholes, and the list goes on and on.

In one case, over the course of a couple of days, he replumbed an entire water treatment plant in which all the water pipes and valves had frozen and broken when the doors blew open during a windstorm. Needless to say, that community was completely out of water until the repairs were completed. Our Remote Maintenance Worker program here at BBAHC delivers critical services that protect health at the community and individual level. We here in the EH Department appreciate Kenny’s dedication and perseverance through a difficult winter season. Quyana to you Kenny!”

-CDR George Larsen, Environmental Health Manager, Environmental Health Department

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